Måndag 19 november 2018


Gurun med stort G
Göran Högberg har läst en bok som handlar om den stora ”PK-sjukan.

DOUGLAS CASEY GURU MED STORT G SEDAN 1970-TALET Douglas Casey har kommit med en ny bok ”Totally Incorrect”.

Kul titel och den handlar naturligtvis bla. om den stora ”PK-sjukan.”:

”A wave of political correctness has washed over the world like a tsunami of raw sewage… It´s dangerous, dishonest, and destructive.”

Några utdrag från boken:

”I like living in a financial bubble. It´s pleasant… but it´s a fools paradise.”

“There was a time when journalists often had intelligence, integrity, and competence. Today, reporters have none of these qualifications.”

“The mainstream media is just a parrot, they don´t say anything of value. I view the media mainly as entertainment.”

“I really believe that you´ve got to call a spade a spade.”

“The key is to judge people as individuals.”

“Idiotically, the Europeans created a wannabe mega – government. It will eventuallty tear apart.”

“You take personal responsibility away from people, they become more, not less, irresponsible.”

“World governments are conducting a gigantic experiment  with our money. They´ve taken on debts and obligations they can´t possibly hope to repay. When their creditors come knocking, they´ll respond like rabid animals. Financial busts, booms, inflation will follow. “The middle class will get screwed between the millstones of inflation and taxation.”

(den sista meningen är faktiskt ett citat av Lenin)



Detta är en personlig betraktelse. Åsikter som uttrycks är krönikörens egna.

Göran Högberg

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