Onsdag 20 mars 2019


Socialism har inte eliminerat kapitalismen
Mises, Shostak och Huerta de Soto.

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MISES: “Socialism and interventionism have not yet succeded in completely eliminating capitalism. If they had, we would, after centuries of gains in prosperity, rediscover the meaning of hunger on a massive scale.”

FRANK SHOSTAK: “GDP growth is not the same thing as real economic growth. A strong GDP growth rate, in most cases, is likely to be associated with the intensive squandering of the pool of real wealth.”

“Recessions is about the liquidations of activities that spring up on the back of the loose monetary policies of the central bank. Movements in the GDP cannot tell us what is going on in the real economy. If anything, it can actually provide us with a false impression.”

HUERTA DE SOTO: “Why no crisis erupts when real saving back up new investment. Expansions in credit and investment are only a problem when they result from inflationary monetary policy, and not from real saving. Any real growth in the capital stock takes time and requires voluntary net savings. There is no way for the expansion of the money supply in the form of bank credit to short-circuit the process of economic growth.”  

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Göran Högberg

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